Regional RAAC Task Force Teams consist of representatives across the Southwest Ohio region from a variety of systems.


Early Intervention Task Force
    • Ensuring access to Early Intervention Services
    • Collaborating on the impact of the opioid epidemic on the early childhood community


Transition Age Task Force
    • Sharing resources across school, developmental disabilities, and community systems
    • Distribution of an adapted booklet for transition and adult age individuals with autism with relevant Ohio resources


Adult Services Task Force
    • Subgroup focused on Enhancing Inpatient Mental Health Supports for Individuals with Autism
      • Offer training to behavioral health staff and related personnel
      • Monthly meetings with University of Cincinnati Health
    • Developing Resources and Education targeting older adults with developmental disabilities to help grow capacity to serve this population and enhance resources available


Safety Committee (covers the lifespan)
    • Creating a hub of community resources focused on proactive safety efforts for people with developmental disabilities
    • Addressing gap areas where safety efforts can be enhanced


Work Group to Support Black and Brown Families with Disabilities
    • A regional response to consider how disability organizations can best address racial inequities in access to care
    • Intentional efforts are made to strike a balance between identifying internal bias and systemic racial awareness in each discussion
    • Action is encouraged as follow up to the hard conversations addressed in this brave space