Teenagers serving in the direct support role is a win-win for everyone! Find out why in this video series of teenage Direct Support Professionals (DSP)!

This video series was funded by the Regional Autism Advisory Council (RAAC) to address the Direct Support Workforce Crisis. We aim to encourage teens to serve as a Direct Support Professional for folks with disabilities. To find out more about this option visit: https://dodd.ohio.gov/about-us/compliance-resources/all-compliance-resources/Agency_Waivers or talk to a local provider organization near you!

Austin Barton explains why he enjoys working with people with disabilities at RGHI

(Find out more about RGHI at Developmental Disabilities Services | RGHI | Lebanon (myrghi.com))

Austin explains why he enjoys a job working with people with disabilities:

Austin describes the positive relationships he’s built in this job:

Austin enjoys being able to fill the needs of others:

Austin says even when you lose, you win!

Sarah Lupinetti describes why she enjoys serving as her brother’s direct support professional:

Sarah explains what she’s learned about people with disabilities:

Sarah describes the benefits of this role:

Find out what Sarah has gained serving as a DSP:

Sarah describes the DSP role as one that makes her feel good:

Sarah offers advice to others thinking about becoming a DSP:


Do you think you’d like to explore this opportunity for yourself or someone you know? Ready to find a provider near you and get hired? Use this provider search tool DODD Provider Search (ohio.gov) or contact a local provider near you to enquire about their open positions!

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