Community Safety Training

RAAC offers a variety trainings to promote safety in the community

First responder training is available!

  • First responders can include police, fire, emergency medical technicians, security, school resource officers, airport security, citizens on patrol, dispatch operators, and more!
  • A team of RAAC partners offer a variety of engaging training opportunities.
  • We can come to the department multiple times to train the full team.
  • Training topics include the basic features of autism and other disabilities, communication strategies, and tips for engagement.
  • Curriculum can be shortened or extended depending on the time made available.
  • Enhanced training includes involvement in Safety Events for People with Disabilities in which a first responder is paired with a person with a disability to support their learning about safety.

Autism Training for First Responders flyer

Community safety training!

  • Training first responders is not enough to keep people with disabilities safe in the community. We must also equip people with disabilities and their caregivers on strategies to prepare for emergencies and engagement with first responders.
  • Safety trainings can include:
    • RAAC Safety Series such as theĀ 2022 Spring Safety Series covering a wide variety of safety topics.
    • Safety events for People with Disabilities, in which Self-Advocates watch movies clips and play games while paired with a first responder so that they each can learn more about each other.
    • Community safety events to support local department sensory friendly touch a truck events.
    • Community safety trainings to promote strategies to proactively prepare professionals and caregivers for safety.
To learn more, schedule a safety training, or find out how to participate in these efforts, please contact